Work Experience

Technical Skills

• Python   • Java (Android)   • MATLAB   • R   • C++   • C#   • VBS   • SQL   • PHP
• TensorFlow   • Keras   • scikit-learn   • NumPy   • Pandas   • Hadoop
• Tableau   • RapidMiner   • ArcMap   • Atoll RF Planner   • QGIS   • Git


  1. AI-Driven 3D Propagation Model to Overcome the Challenges of Conventional Pathloss Modeling and Ray Tracing
  2. Big Data and Neuromorphic AI Empowered Root Cause Analysis of Faults in Emerging Networks
  3. Transfer Learning to address the Data Scarcity problem in Cellular Networks
  4. Replacing Classic Optimization with a Novel Big Data and AI Based Framework for Enhancing Multi-KPI Performance in Emerging User-Centric Networks
  5. Machine Learning enhanced Cellular Planning
  6. Deep Learning based Detection of Sleeping Cells in Next Generation Cellular Networks
  7. Graph Signal Processing-Based Network Health Estimation for Next Generation Wireless Systems
  8. Low Density Spreading for Next Generation multi-carrier cellular system
  9. Implementation of Pulse Shaping techniques in MC CDMA system to reduce the PAPR
  10. Design a low noise amplifier (LNA) for 24 GHz Radar application



  • Artificial Neural Networks and Applications
  • Machine Learning for Engineers
  • Emerging Topics in LTE-A and 5G
  • Telecommunication Technologies
  • Wireless Networks & Standards
  • Stochastic Systems
  • Linear Systems Theory
  • Distributed Systems
  • Discrete Time Modem Designs for
  • Wireless Communication
  • Digital Communication Principles


  • Wireless Communication
  • Computer Networks
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication
  • Opto-electronics



  • OU-Tulsa Merit Scholarship for Fall 2019 semester
  • Rector’s Merit Award and Dean’s Merit Award in Fall 2012 & Fall 2013 at UMT, Lahore
  • 1st Position in IEEE Brain Teasers Competition, 2014 at CUST, Islamabad
  • 1st Position in IEEE Math Geek Competition, 2014 at FAST University, Lahore
  • 1st Position in IEEE Circuit Designing & Wiring Competition, 2014 at COMSATS, Lahore
  • 1st Position in IEEE Quiz Competition, 2013 at UMT, Lahore
  • 2nd Position in school & 35th in Pakistan, International Kangaroo Math Comp. 2006


  • AI and Big Data enabled Self Organizing Networks for 5G and beyond – Jan 2018
    Instructor: Dr. Ali Imran, Director AI4Networks Lab, University of Oklahoma, USA
  • Machine Learning – Nov 2017
    Instructor: Andrew Ng, Stanford University, USA
  • Circuits & Electronics (Scored 100%) – Dec 2012
    Instructor: Anant Agarwal, MIT, USA

Selected Workshops

  • IEEE ComSoc Summer School Program 2017 by IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section
  • 5G Research and Development Workshop hosted by ICT R&D Fund at LUMS (2015)
  • Software Defined Radio System Architectures Workshop by Riphah International University
  • Teaching the Teachers Workshop Series on Communication Science & Systems by Prof Dr. Asad Ali Abidi, Distinguished Chancellors Professor UCLA, hosted by LUMS (2016)

List of Publications

  1. U. Masood, H. Farooq and A. Imran, “AI-Driven 3D Propagation Model to Overcome the Challenges of Conventional Pathloss Modeling and Ray Tracing,” in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Submitted)
  2. U. Masood, A. Asghar, A. Imran, and A. N. Mian, “Deep Learning based Detection of Sleeping Cells in Next Generation Cellular Networks,” in 2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). IEEE, 2018, pp. 206-212
  3. F. Yaseen, U. Masood, A. N. Hassan, I. H. Naqvi, “Graph Signal Processing-Based Network Health Estimation for Next Generation Wireless Systems”, IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 104-107, 2019

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